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Thursday, July 21, 2005

PilotGone Improvement

I'm recently working on PilotGone improvement. One thing I was always thinking to do is to put Hires support. I want nice borad and stones presented. I want to see the labels shown in the board with no need to open the zoom window. I also want to see the comments displayed clearly right above the board instead of open a comment window. And I like to see the comment auto scrolling. Furthermore, I would like to add 5-way navigation to PilotGone.

Following is the screen shots of a scrolling comments (prototype) and labels displayed on board without zoom.

I'm still struggling with if I shoud write the number of movement on stones just like the above snap shot. The reason is I have to figure out which stone is a certain movement mentioned by the comment quite often. The challenge is that I have to build a very tiny font (3 by 4 pixes) for number 0 to 9. They are OK for me to read because I have an excellent vision. But I don't know if others like it or not. The alternative is having a command that highlights a certain movement.