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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

SgfMan User Guide released

I just released the SgfMan User Guide. It's included in the SgfMan.zip or can be downloaded separately from http://sgfman.freewebspace.com/.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

SgfMan Updated

I've put a lot of new stuffs in SgfMan Version 1.1. Most significant changes are SgfMan can launch PilotGOne (a modified version) and it can copy up to 64K of single SGF file to Memo Pad. User interface and performance are also improved.

SgfMan is not well recognized so far by Go enthusiasts because I have never promoted it in any way. However I do believe that it is good software to be loved by Go enthusiasts who are Palm users as well. I will keep updating SgfMan and I will also find a home to host this project.

Regarding PilotGOne. As a Go enthusiast, I would like to say it is the best SGF recorder and viewer for Palm OS in this planet. It is far better than others including some commercial software. I have watched hundreds of professional Go games and death and life problems using PilotGOne. However there is still a room for PilotGOne to be improved. One thing would be loved by Palm users is to support the features of recent handhelds, such as extension card, sound, high density display, blue tooth and wi-fi. I don't think PilotGOne has to be rewritten to support these features, or it won't be able to be used in old model of Palms. The best approach to this goal is to develop some plug-ins .
I would like to contribute a little bit of my time to help PilotGOne project, but first of all I want to make SgfMan better.