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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Blog for Mobile Go (http://supportmobilego.blogspot.com)

I just registered a new blog for Mobile Go. I will post any thing related to Mobile Go here. Hopeful it will be the first place where all Mobile Go users like to share their experience with others. I'll also keep updating the status of Mobile Go project, including the port to other platforms.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Mobile Go V2.2 released

Change since V2.1:
  • Support Power Save Mode.
  • Can answer incoming call (on Treo) without exists Mobile Go.
  • Support UNDO during scoring.
  • Support game title.
  • Support IGS-specific option NEWRATING.
  • Add feature to auto save a game when Mobile Go exits or to reload the saved game when Mobile Go starts.
  • Can remember the Main and Byoyomi time used in last match request.
  • Give another 15 days of trial period to previouse installation.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Progress of porting Mobile Go to Symbian

    The UI that I choose for Symbian is S60 for its tremendous popularity. However it's a matter of easy to say but hard to do. I'm still reading on programming books of Symbian S60. The facts that the screen estate is rather small and there is no pen to input on a S60 cell phone make it quite hard to port Mobile Go from Palm OS. I may have to trade off some features.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Mobile Go V2.1 released

    Change since V2.0:
  • Support fast review of a game.
  • Add Network Preferences. It allows user to specify network character and handles networking issues better.
  • Fully support SAY command.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Mobile Go移植计划

    经过几个月的评估和观望,我决定把Mobile Go先移植到Symbian平台来。原因之一是Symbian有着与Palm OS更为相似的设计理念。二者都是为手持设备专门开发的操作系统,讲究界面直观,操作简单。原因之二是Symbian公司最近提供了免费的开发工具Carbide.c++。它与我已经熟悉的Palm OS Developer Suite一样都是基于著名的Eclipse开发平台,我无需再花时间学习新的开发工具。原因之三是我不喜欢Window Mobile。虽然我老早就有了一部DELL Axim X30(蓝牙+WiFi版),但我从来就没有喜欢过它。除了它可怜的电力让我无法放心外,不胜其繁的点击也让我失去了使用的耐心。
    我在今年三月份的时候曾想先移植到Window Mobile平台,因为那时我还在用Palm T2,无法用Palm联上家里的WiFi无线网。七月份的时候我得到了一部Palm Tx,解决了WiFi上网的问题,因此就更没有使用X30的必要,开发Window Mobile版的Mobile Go也就不那么迫切了。我现在手头还没有Symbian手机,但我想很快就会有的。我仍然很喜欢我现在的这部手机(Sony Ericsson的T616),虽然它已经是那么的老旧,但在它的配合下,我的Palm能完成我想做的所有事情。

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    Mobile Go V2.0 released

    Change since V1.1:

  • Show challenger's rank in Challenger Queue and Match screen
  • Use key SPACE to toggle cursor. Stylus-free operation supported for Treo
  • Accept ADJOURN request
  • Support NMATCH and SEEK commands
  • Support connection via proxy server

    Check it out at

  • Friday, March 31, 2006

    Mobile Go To Do List

  • Auto match: Auto issue match commands to multiple players based on user's criteria

  • Implement Stats command

  • Show challenger's rank in Challenger Queue and Match screen

  • Refresh a game

  • Unobserve a game

  • Restore board when Undo pressed during Scoring

  • Display kibitz in a caption window of board (a transparent window on a 320*320 screen, or dedicated window on DIA of 320*480)

  • Be able to observe a game been playing or observing by a particular player from Player List screen

  • Optimize for Treo 650